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Extreme Hoarding

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You might be wondering what is considered Extreme Hoarding? We would classify it as hoarding taken to the next level. Hoarding things like trash to the point there are no more pathways, you can’t open or close doors, no access to bathrooms. Another example of extreme hoarding would be hording things such as used feminine products, dirty diapers and other unsanitary things.

There are so many different types of hoarding and different classes of OCD hoarding and to be honest none of that matters when cleanup is involved, well at least not for Environment Solutions. We’ve done hundreds of hoarding house cleanups including gross filth cleanup, animal hoarding and more. We specialize in this line of work.

Extreme Animal Hoarding Cleanup

Animal Hoarding

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Animal hoarding is classified as obtaining and keeping a higher-than-usual number of animals as domestic pets without having the ability to properly house or care for them. Although the animal hoarding probably has the best intentions it usually results in animal cruelty. Animal Hoarders are usually deeply attached to their pets and find it extremely difficult to let them go. They typically feel they are the only ones that can properly care for the animals and don’t realize that they are harming their pets by failing to provide them with proper care.

Environment Solutions has helped many animal hoarders get their properties back in a livable condition before the property is condemned. If you or someone you know is suffering from animal hoarding in Wisconsin, please call us now at (1-800) 990-0346.

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